5 myths about the risks of upgrading platforms

And why they shouldn’t hold you back

When you’re planning to upgrade your policy management system, the last thing you need is to let bad information steer you in the wrong direction, causing you to spend a lot of time and money to get back on track.

Let this fact sheet with 5 myths about the risks of upgrading – and reasons they are not true – guide you on your journey to finding the right partner to help you upgrade your management system.

This handy fact sheet covers these common misperceptions:

  • Whether you build or buy your system upgrade, you have to accept trade-offs.
  • System upgrade projects always take longer than you think.
  • Configuring and customizing mean the same thing.
  • Hiring a systems integrator (SI) is the only way to go live successfully.
  • The latest technology is always better than established tech.

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